2015 was such a great year, and to recap some of the highlights, here’s a tiny tour ofย some of the many miniatures I made during the year.


Tea party foods and miniature stationery! I wrote two miniature tutorial books in January: Dollhouse Miniature Tea Party Foods and Dollhouse Miniature Stationery Set.



dollhouse miniature tea party tutorial



In February, I wrote another tutorial book, Dollhouse Miniature Valentine’s Day Foods. I remember the heart-shaped cake being inspired by a luscious edible version in Martha Stewart Living.



polymer clay cake by The Mouse Market


In March, I came out with two miniature food tutorials, Dollhouse Miniature Easter Foods and Dollhouse Miniature Cheesy Foods. The cheesy foods book was inspired by an article in–you guessed it–Martha Stewart Livingย that was all about extra gooey, cheesy dishes. Yum.



Here’s a colorful pic from a previous book, Decorated Easter Cookies.



Dollhouse miniature soup The Mouse Market

Croque monsieur by The Mouse Market


I was feeling summery a little early last year, so in April I wroteย Dollhouse Miniature Carnival Foods.


dollhouse miniature ice cream cones

Polymer clay miniature funnel cakes by The Mouse Market

And that was followed up by a tutorial book called Dollhouse Miniature Mexican Food.

Learn how to sculpt miniature Mexican food from polymer clay

sculpting miniature food, mexican



In May, I wanted to branch out and do a combination of foods and furniture, so I wrote a tutorial called Building a Pizza Parlor Diorama, which outlined how to make not only the foods but the display counter, soda cups, and other accessories. Super fun!


Miniature pizza parlor by The Mouse Market how to make dollhouse miniature pizza Polymer clay pizza by The Mouse Market Polymer clay pizza by The Mouse Market


In June, I worked on food jewelry pieces, and I also came out with an assortment of colorful miniature paper plates, which I love.

Hot pink cake earrings by The Mouse Market Polymer clay cake in one inch scale by The Mouse Market Blue ombre cake earrings by The Mouse Market Dollhouse miniature ombre cake slice in 1/12 scale by The Mouse Market

Dollhouse miniature paper plates in 1/12 scale Dollhouse miniature paper plates in 1/12 scale Dollhouse miniature paper plates in 1/12 scale


This was the month of summer leftovers, and I spent a great deal of time sculpting super detailed, half-eaten pieces, like corn on the cob and fried chicken for my book Dollhouse Miniature Summer Foods: Leftovers Edition. It was an extension of my earlier book, How to Sculpt Miniature Summer Foods from Polymer Clay.

summerCover copy

burgerSideView burgerClose


DIY Tutorial How to Sculpt Miniature Summer Foods from Polymer Clay by The Mouse Market

I also made a custom heart-shaped pizza keychain. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Andย new styles of ice cream cone earrings, like these sunshine lemon ones.

lemon yellow ice cream earrings


Things were just starting to get busier for the holiday season, but I had time to miniaturize the grill tray on the cover of Feast Magazine, and I wrote a tutorial about it, Dollhouse Miniature Grill Tray.



I also created new food jewelry pieces, like these cheese and cracker earrings, fried egg earrings, and a new version of my rainbow birthday cake earrings and ring.



cakeofRain2 cakeRingRain2


Halloween is my favorite holiday, so of course I had to make a new tutorial book, Dollhouse Miniature Tricks or Treats.



And I couldn’t leave out the biggest food holiday of the year, so I created Dollhouse Miniature Thanksgiving Foods, an extension of How to Sculpt Miniature Holiday Foods.


chocHarvestCake2 rolls3 turkey2 turkey3

November – December

The holiday season was crazy busy this year, which was awesome, and I worked on a lot of custom order, like some of the dishes below.

breakfastPlate burritos donuts frenchToast

gelato lunches whiteCastle

group antipasto chianti

Personalized donuts!

donutLetters2 donutLetters3

Tiny shrimp cocktail.


So, what’s to come in 2016? Well, more stories with the Nutmegs, new food jewelry, and, of course, brand new miniature food tutorial books. Starting next week, I’ll be working on a Japanese food tutorial book that I’m really, really excited about.

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