Author: MoTipton

Making Miniature Owl and Penguin Cookies

I love making miniature sugar cookies, and these tiny owls and penguins were particularly fun to sculpt. Here are some studio shots of the process, so you can see how polymer clay goes from blob to cute. First off, the cookie shapes are pressed against sandpaper for a bit of texture before being brushed with […]

Miniature Valentine Cookies and Cupcakes

I’ve been working on a lot of Valentine sweets over the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to give you a little dose of romance-themed eye candy. All of these pieces are in 18″ doll/American Girl scale, which allows me to recreate more detail than I can in my 1/12 scale pieces. All of […]

Making a Dollhouse Miniature Woodland Cake

Andie’s Specialty Sweets was nice enough to let me use their design for a woodland cake, and here I’ll show you some of the behind-the-scenes as I sculpted this detailed dollhouse miniature cake from start to finish. To begin, I used chocolate brown and white clay to create the roll cake base. (Learn how to […]

Making Miniature Marie Antoinette Sweets

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was devoting all of yesterday to a secret miniatures project, and my studio was an explosion of glitter, beads, baubles and jewelry findings. If you’re like me and you adore seeing work-in-progress photos, you’ll be in love with this post, because I snapped oodles of pics of […]

5 Tips for Making Realistic Dollhouse Miniature Food

I want to share with you my top five tips for achieving a super realistic effect with your miniature foods, tips that I’ve learned through lots of trial and error, and I’ll show you before and after pictures from my portfolio so you can clearly see how these tips will improve your work. These techniques […]

The Tiniest Turtle Takes a Vacation

My friend let me turtle-sit for her while she was at the Kentucky Derby, and, as is usually the case, things got silly. Her turtle’s name is Kurmasa (aka, Kurmy), which is the Sanskrit word for tortoise. My friend owns a yoga studio in town, hence the homage to Kurmasana, a particularly tortuous yoga pose […]

Building a Dollhouse: The Finishing Touches

Well, this is it–the dollhouse is finished! I feel like I should be throwing a party or something to celebrate; I can hardly believe it’s done! I started this project on December 29, and twelve days and $125.88 later, I am the proud owner of a spiffy, new house. Here’s a little photo tour of […]

Building a Dollhouse: Exterior Details

I’ve been a dollhouse-building maniac this weekend, and the house is nearly finished. I did have to make one more hardware store run for a different type of glue appropriate for shingling, which brings us to our final cost tally: amount from last tally: 119.90 another bottle of craft paint: 1.99 tube of Liquid Nails: […]

Building a Dollhouse: Exterior Walls and Roof

In my last post, I had finished attaching the bottom porch floor to my dollhouse, and today I’ll pick up from there and show you how I worked my way from the porch to the roof. To start, I needed to glue the second-story porch floor in place, which required laying the house on its […]

Building a Dollhouse: Assembling the House

The dollhouse project is moving right along, and I would guesstimate that I’ll be done with the entire thing within the next two weeks. And “done” as in, all the exterior details will be completed, but I’ll still have the interior decorating to do, but that’s the fun part, in my opinion, so I’m definitely […]

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