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Camping With Foxes (Want to Come?)

I have a kid friend whose birthday is coming up, and I wanted to make them something special. They love foxes and miniatures, so what could be better than a tiny animal camping set? The nature scene is a piece of balsa with floral moss attached, and I wanted to incorporate items found on a […]

Get a FREE Mystery Tutorial for Halloween

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday (although I’ve said that about Christmas…and Easter…and…), so I decided to create a brand new tutorial eBook full of spooky treats. This 30-page mystery tutorial contains three projects outlined with easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photos. There are two sweet treats and one savory food, all of them Halloween themed. […]

Dollhouse Miniature Ice Cream Cone Tutorial

Wondering how to make polymer clay ice cream cones for your dollhouse and food jewelry projects? Here’s how. You’ll need a pale tan polymer clay color, a needle tool, paint brush, chalk pastels, and an ice cream cone mold. I sell three styles of molds: a 1/6 scale sugar cone mold (get the ice cream scoop […]

New Tutorial Book: Miniature Grill Tray

It’s time for a new tutorial! If you missed my earlier post about stumbling upon the September issue of Feast Magazine and feeling compelled to miniaturize the cover, check it out here, because that’s the inspiration for my latest tutorial. Dollhouse Miniature Grill Tray shows you how to make a greasy metal tray loaded with […]

Miniaturizing the Feast Magazine Cover

On the drive back from a canoeing trip last weekend, my husband and I stopped at a BBQ joint, and right by the door was a stack of Feast Magazine with this crazy amazing, eye-popping photo on the cover. I immediately told my husband, “I TOTALLY need to miniaturize that!” So I did. Here’s the real […]

Studio Peek: Making Miniature Cinnamon Rolls

This week, I had a few orders for miniature cinnamon roll earrings, and I snapped some photos of the process. It’s fun to see a little roll of polymer clay go from ho hum to cinnamon-y deliciousness. Here are the rolls, waiting to be yummified with texture and color. Even after hints of color have […]

The Nutmegs Make Miniature Caramel Apples

Fall is in the air, and the Nutmegs and I are already planning fun Halloween and harvest-time projects. While poring over cookbooks, I learned that the Nutmegs had never eaten caramel apples (what?!), so I knew that was our first order of business. We decided to set up a little demo kitchen rather than cooking in […]

Polymer Clay Cakes for Dollhouses (and Ears)

While we work, the mice and I often have movies playing in the background, and yesterday ended up being a Tinkerbell day. A friend had recommended one of the new Tinkerbell movies, and now I can see why. The movies take place in Pixie Hollow, which is filled with tiny fairy houses and the most […]

Dollhouse Miniature Paper Plates in Bright Colors

The mice have been throwing a lot of summer parties, and they’ve been complaining about the dollhouse sink full of dirty dishes. I suggested that perhaps if they partied less there’d be less dishes, but they were having none of that. So, I decided to make them some paper plates (from recycled paper, of course). […]

Miniature Leftovers: Who Ate That??

Well, it looks like mice have gotten into my miniature kitchen, which isn’t that surprising around here. I left out a little plate of fried chicken last night, and I woke up to find this: Okay, full disclosure: This is a sculpting project that is part of a new eBook I’m working on. The book is […]

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