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Polymer Clay Cakes for Dollhouses (and Ears)

While we work, the mice and I often have movies playing in the background, and yesterday ended up being a Tinkerbell day. A friend had recommended one of the new Tinkerbell movies, and now I can see why. The movies take place in Pixie Hollow, which is filled with tiny fairy houses and the most […]

Dollhouse Miniature Paper Plates in Bright Colors

The mice have been throwing a lot of summer parties, and they’ve been complaining about the dollhouse sink full of dirty dishes. I suggested that perhaps if they partied less there’d be less dishes, but they were having none of that. So, I decided to make them some paper plates (from recycled paper, of course). […]

Miniature Leftovers: Who Ate That??

Well, it looks like mice have gotten into my miniature kitchen, which isn’t that surprising around here. I left out a little plate of fried chicken last night, and I woke up to find this: Okay, full disclosure: This is a sculpting project that is part of a new eBook I’m working on. The book is […]

Dollhouse Miniature Hawaiian Pizza

At the mice’s request, I baked up one more pizza for the grand opening of the new miniature pizza parlor: an Hawaiian pizza. They really love that salty-sweet combo and convinced me that our mostly mouse customer base will as well, so it’s officially on the mini menu. Now that the baking is done, I can […]

Miniature Pizza Parlor Almost Open for Business

The mice and I have been busily working on the miniature pizza parlor. They’ve been in charge of hiring employees, which, not surprisingly, means that the restaurant will be run entirely by mice (don’t worry, they’ll be wearing little hairnets and whisker guards), and I’ve been in charge of making the miniature pizzas. I have one […]

The Pizza Parlor Diorama is Coming Together

I mentioned in my last post that I’m working on a new tutorial book, and in this book, I’ll be showing you how to make a corner-room diorama of a miniature pizza parlor. In addition to the room and the counter, I’ll be outlining the making of tiny pizzas (and different styles from the ones I’ve […]

Working on a New Miniature Food Book

After the release of Dollhouse Miniature Mexican Foods, I found myself needing a creative recharge. I took a few days off, and when I returned to mini making, I decided to do one project purely for enjoyment, focusing on whatever floats my miniature boat. I came across a gorgeous photograph of pizza from Parlor Pizza […]

Dollhouse Miniature Mexican Food Tutorial Book

Are you ready to sculpt tiny tacos, burritos, tres leches cake and other mini Mexican foods? Tomorrow, I’m releasing my latest tutorial eBook in the Cooking School Series. Check out the complete table of contents below, and don’t forget to sign up here to receive an email once the new book is available. (If you’re […]

Miniature Food for a Tiny Buffet

I’ve just finished a number of custom-ordered pieces for a customer’s miniature buffet scene: two dozen flaky biscuits, platters of crispy-fried calamari, and a large asparagus and bacon tart. (And now I’m hungry.) Here are of photos I took as I was sculpting the polymer clay calamari rings. I show you, step-by-step, how to make calamari in […]

Free Miniature Food Tutorial: Dollhouse Pie

I’ve been in a freebie mood lately, and I have another free download for you! (If you didn’t get the miniature bakery inspiration booklet, you can do so here.) Today’s gift is a strawberry ice box pie tutorial. This project builds on techniques in Dollhouse Miniature Carnival Foods and shows you how to take what you’ve […]

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