The mice and I have been happily buried in mini food orders, and one was a particularly fun request for detailed sushi platters.

sushiPlatter3 sushiPlatter2 sushiPlatter


On a totally different note, I had to do a project for my Chinese Five Element Theory class in massage school, and since we were given free rein to do anything we pleased, of course I went with miniatures! The assignment was to represent all of the qualities associated with our chosen element–mine was Earth.

The organs associated with the Earth element are the stomach and spleen, so I created a sort of shadow box out of the organ outlines. Inside the “rooms” are objects relating to the other correspondences, such as “moist” (the mossy terrarium), “anxiety” (the self-help books), “sweetness” (the desserts), “slippery” (the banana peel), and so forth.


banana terrarium desserts