The Nutmegs and I were out foraging this morning, and we came upon something curious. I should say they came upon something curious, because it was so small I probably would’ve missed it.

The Nutmegs were astonished, and Papa explained that he hadn’t seen these since he was just a mouseling. Hadn’t seen what, exactly? I still wasn’t sure what we were looking at.

“They’re mouse wings,” Mira explained. She’s a huge book nerd like me, and she’d read that a certain species of mouse, Musculus angelica, is born with furry wings.

At first I was horrified: “How did these wings get separated from their mouse?”

“Oh no,” Papa said, “It’s not like that. At various points of development, the mouse outgrows the wings and they shed them.”


(Okay, so what are they actually? They’re pussy willow buds, but when I saw them littered on the sidewalk this morning, my mind immediately went: mouse wings!)