Things have been so busy here in the studio that the Nutmegs and I haven’t had time to post their moving-in pictures. But Mira Nutmeg finally got around uploading some of the moving-day photos onto my computer for me, and here they are.

The house is only partially furnished, and it needs some serious decorating, but the Nutmegs were so surprised at how perfectly sized everything is, like it was built just for them!

The Nutmegs move in

We’re going to work on getting the kitchen set up first because, well, mice gotta eat!

I snapped a few photos of Papa and Mira taking a look around, and while you can’t see her in this photo, Mama was busily making a list of things they need, like acorn flour and juniper berries. Looks like we’ll I’ll be making a trip out to the woods this weekend to get “groceries”!

The Nutmegs move in

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